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Do I have to sign up on the Web or is there a toll-free number?
You can sign up at or call us at (800) 690-0623. Our Web sign up is completely secure. All your information is kept confidential.

What advantage is there in signing up on the Web?
It is simple, convenient, and secure. Sign up anytime, 24 hours a day.

Is my information safe?
Your information is confidential and will not be used for any other purposes without your permission. All credit card information is encrypted for optimum security. For more details, see our security policies.

Will my personal information be used for any other purposes?
No. Your personal information will not be used for any other purposes without your permission.

Can I sign up with multiple numbers?
Absolutely. You can have multiple numbers with Connectel.

Do I have to make any term commitments or sign any contracts?
No. There are no term commitments or contracts to sign. You can cancel your service at anytime with no further obligation, unless you have chosen and signed a long term agreement.

Can I keep the same phone number I have now?
YES. As long as the customer is a current customer of a Bell Operating company (or a certified reseller of the Bell Operating Company), customers will be able to retain their existing phone line and number. If the customer’s local provider owns their own facilities and is not a reseller for the Bell Operating Company’s service, Connectel may not be able to provide them with service.

Do I have to call my local phone company to switch my Local service to Connectel?
NO. we will take care of it for you. Sometimes, however, a local company will insist on hearing directly from the customer. If that's what happens to you, call Connectel Customer Service at (800) 690-0623 and we'll help you complete the switch

How long will it take for Connectel to establish my account and service?
It will take from 1-10 business days to get up and running on Connectel.

What kind of voice service is provided?
Connectel provides a variety of communication solutions for residential and businesses. Depending on the choice of your plan, our Unlimited voice product may include unlimited local calling, unlimited long distance and also including Canada (up to a total of 2500 minutes) and your choice of unlimited local features.

Do I have to pay a fee to switch to Connectel?
Connectel does not charge a fee when switching your service. A fee may apply when switching long distance carriers by your current provider. Fees vary by territory.

There are only two types of calls, local and long distance. Right?
Actually, there are four (not including international): local calls, state-to-state long-distance calls, in-state long-distance calls, and calls that go beyond your local calling area but don't go far enough to be considered long distance. When you choose Connectel as your long-distance carrier we will handle both your state-to-state and in-state long-distance calls. You may choose another carrier for "Regional Toll" or "Local Toll" calls (calls that stay within your state that are not considered long distance). These calls can be handled by your local phone company or, if you prefer, by Connectel. To find out what Connectel would charge to handle these calls, and how to make the switch to Connectel, just call (800) 690-0623.

What is a residential voice usage for local service?
For service packages which include unlimited local, intraLATA, and/or interLATA usage, the services are available for residential voice calling only. If it is determined that usage is not consistent with residential voice applications, such as for Internet access services, commercial facsimile or auto-dialing, chat lines, Hot lines, News lines, information services, telemarketing or other non-residential uses; Company may immediately suspend, restrict or cancel the customer’s service without prior notice and assess and additional $50.00 monthly recurring charge for each month in which such usage occurred. Incidental Internet and other data usage is permitted, provided however, that any usage in excess of 2,500 minutes per month shall be presumed to be not consistent with residential voice applications and shall be subject to the conditions above.

What features do Connectel plans offer?
The choice is yours! Connectel allows you to choose the features you want. How many is up to you and the package you buy. Please see our residential and business plans for a detailed list of features.

How will I know my Connectel account has been activated?
Connectel will send you a Welcome Letter in the mail that Detail’s the calling plan and features you have chosen for your phone.

What if I have DSL with my current local telephone provider? Can I keep my DSL?
YES. You could have DSL on the same line that is also used for voice service, your DSL service will not be canceled with your current provider.

What is a surcharge and why do I have to pay it?
A surcharge is an amount billed by Connectel to recover various costs assessed or authorized by governmental and regulatory agencies. These surcharges vary depending on the state in which you live.

What kind of taxes will I pay?
All Connectel customers will pay federal, state and local taxes that are similar to what you paid your previous local and long distance providers.

Why do the taxes and surcharges seem different than my previous phone carrier?
Prior to switching to Connectel, most customers were most likely charged for local and long distance separately, so they may have appeared on separate bills. Now they receive a combined bill for both local and long distance. All taxes and surcharges for local and long distance services are located in one section, which may make them seem higher.

Who do I call to service my account? (i.e. adding/deleting features, billing inquiries)
Our Customer Service Center is open Monday thru Friday 9:00am to 6:00pm EST and Sunday: 9:00am to 1:00pm EST. Call toll free at (800) 690-0623

What can I do if I need to upgrade my service plan?
Your calling habits change and we recognize that. If you find yourself needing more features, local calling minutes or long distance minutes, you can call our customer service center and review your bill to figure out what plan is best for you. Upgrading your plan is simple and easy to do. Call (800) 690-0623



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